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My mission is to help businesses reach their desired outcome by designing solutions for products and services that deliver value to users, helping them achieve their goals while providing enjoyable experiences.

About me

About me

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Raoni P. Caselli

Florianópolis, SC - BR

I'm a designer working mostly on digital products. My education background consists of graduation in Industrial Design, specialization in UX Design, and a master's degree in Production Engineering. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to work in tech companies from many different areas, which helped to shape the way I approach my work as a designer in the business world.

In my personal life, my favorite hobbies are surfing and playing guitar. I am married to Luísa, a psychologist who is always teaching me new things about emotional intelligence and we have a lovely son, Dante, who is showing me a whole different side of life.

My family: Me, Luísa and Dante


  • Receeve


    re:ceeve is a debt collections and analytics software Responsible for the redesign of core parts of Receeve's product, including Dashboard, Reports, Landing Page editor and several other features. Currently working there since june 2020.

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  • RD Station

    RD Station CRM

    RD Station is the largest SaaS company in Latin America. As a Product Designer working in RD Station CRM, I'm responsible for designing strategic features for the product, working from discovery to monitoring after launching, and also mentoring other designers. Currently working there since february 2019.

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  • Softplan

    Softplan - UNGP

    I worked for Softplan from june 2017 until january 2019, in the business unit UNGP, that was focused on developing softwares for Public Management (government bodies such as city halls, state government, agencies, justice courts etc).

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  • Cas UX Design

    Cas UX Design - One man design agency

    Showcase of various web and app projects that I worked using the Lean UX design process, focused on solving problems fast (validating with real users!), using only the resources that were absolutely necessary. Worked from january 2013 until december 2017.

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  • Dolphin Surf App

    Dolphin Surf App

    Dolphin was a startup focused on helping surfers to find the best waves of the day fast and also measure the performance in the water. I co-founded with Gilson Souza, a full stack developer and friend, working on this project from october 2013 to december 2015.

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  • Supervita Startup


    Startup dedicated to selling snacks and shakes made of superfoods. I co-founded Supervita with my brother Aruã Caselli and worked on everything from Branding, to publishing on social medias and building both e-commerce and blog. Worked on this project from february 2016 to december 2016.

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  • Healfies Startup


    Health social network to empower patients to keep their medical history centralized and easy to access, connecting them to their health professionals and organizations. I worked on the App redesign, webapp redesign and design of new features. Worked on this company from march 2016 until may 2017.

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  • Educação na cultura digital

    Education in the digital culture

    Digital midia about Education in the Digital Culture for teachers, students and anyone involved with education to consume and share content related to the digital culture. This was a project from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in partnership with the Brazilian government Ministry of Education. Worked on this project from november 2013 until july 2015.

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  • App Nanny

    App Nanny

    Online platform for parents and tutors to find nannies or nurses to help them take care of their children. This was a freelance work for the startup Swell IT Solutions, hired to develop all of the products.

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  • Byond


    Mobile application for inventory management using RFID technology, bar and QR codes or manually. The tasks included basic inventory counts for single and multiple items, transportation of goods, searching for specific items, reading items informations and more. This was a freelance work for the Startup Byond.

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Design Process

  • Full UX Process

    User eXperience Design

    This image represents the entire process I follow in all my works. It's based on the UCD methodology and it uses Problem Framing, Discovery sprint and Lean UX for different stages of the process. It can be adapted to suit projects with different complexities.

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